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Slim Urges NPS To Consult Local Chapters

Slim Urges NPS To Consult Local Chapters
December 05
11:49 2018

Navajo Nation Council Delegate Tuchoney Slim, Jr., says the National Park Service needs to reach out to local communities. Slim represents several Navajo Chapters close to Page, including LeChee, Bodaway/Gap and Kaibeto. Slim and chapter representatives met with NPS officials last week regarding concerns of activities within the Glen Canyon National Recreational Area, Rainbow Bridge National Monument and Antelope Point.

The NPS has failed to consult and collaborate with the surrounding chapters regarding plans and development for the recreational areas near Glen Canyon. “I am here with my surrounding chapters who are impacted by the decisions of the National Park Service regarding our aboriginal lands near Page,” Slim said. “The communities have raised their voices and they need to be a part of the decision-making process.”

The communities have a right to be involved based on agreements that were approved and accepted by the Navajo Nation and the National Park Service, Slim added. In 1970, the Secretary of the Interior approved a quadrilateral agreement between the Navajo Nation, National Park Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Bureau of Reclamation, which provided certain rights and responsibilities between the parities relating to the development, maintenance and management of Antelope Point.

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