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Sheriff’s Office: Very Busy Labor Day Weekend

Sheriff’s Office: Very Busy Labor Day Weekend
September 03
16:51 2019

Coconino County Sheriff’s OfficeSheriff’s Office Labor Day 2019 Holiday Summary

Coconino County, AZ – The extended weekend encompassing August 30 – September 2 resulted in a number of calls stemming from outdoor activity in Northern Arizona. Outdoor activity resulted in increased numbers of responses to activities such as OHV/ATV traffic issues, disturbing the peace complaints, lost/overdue hikers, camper issues, and reports of discharging of weapons.  Area patrols included increased efforts on contacting off-highway vehicle drivers regarding safety. Deputies also were present at the Coconino County Fair where they handled multiple reports of disturbances and public assists on scene.

For the period of August 30 – September 2, 2019, deputies responded to 1076* total calls for service, including both citizen-initiated and officer initiated activities. The previous non-holiday period (August 23 – August 26), they responded to 925* calls.  The below chart shows a comparison of some of the more common types of calls during the holiday and non-holiday time frames. (*numbers are from the 911 center computer-aided dispatch database)

Examples of Activities / Calls for Service as Dispatched Labor Day Weekend
Aug 30 – Sep 2
Aug 23 – Aug 26
Emergency Medical Calls 45 26
Disturbing the Peace 48 13
Motorist and Public Assists 38 36
Emergency Call (911) Hang-ups 36 12
Suspicious Activity 22 20
Vehicle Collisions (see below for more information regarding off-highway vehicle collisions) 18 19
Domestic Related Incident 15 6
Trespass 10 4
SAR / Missing Person 11 6
Theft 7 7
Business Checks 138 159
Forest and Community Patrols 340 389
Traffic Stops 86 71

Vehicle Collisions Related to Outdoor Activity:

  • 8/30/19 ATV injury accident involving a child in the area of FS 9183
  • 8/31/19 ATV (two vehicles) non-injury accident in the area of Crimson Rd
  • 8/31/19 ATV non-injury accident in the area of FS 81
  • 8/31/19 ATV injury accident involving three juveniles in the area of FS 171
  • 8/31/19 ATV injury accident involving an adult in area of Cinder Lakes
  • 8/31/19 ATV injury accident in the area of FS 122C
  • 8/31/19 ATV and motorcycle injury accident in the area of FS 144
  • 8/31/19 ATV injury accident in the area of Schnebly Hill Rd
  • 8/31/19 ATV injury accident involving juvenile in the area of FS 880
  • 9/1/19 Boat versus docked boat, non-injury collision at Antelope Point
  • 9/2/19 Jeep rollover, non-injury accident in the area of FS 302

Traffic / Moving Vehicle Stops:   Deputies throughout the county conducted 86 traffic stops during the extended holiday weekend, resulting in 5 arrests/bookings, 25 moving vehicle violation citations; 1 repair order, 25 written warnings, and 30 verbal warnings / no report.

Search and Rescue / Overdue Individuals:

Sheriff’s Deputies responded to several calls for missing/overdue individuals and separated parties ranging in age from youth to adults. During the initial response of these types of calls, information is gathered regarding the description of the missing person, circumstances, any medical conditions, and what type of food, water, or other equipment they may have with them.  Deputies immediately begin to search the area in an attempt to locate the persons. Search and Rescue is advised if further resources are needed. In addition to the below-listed rescues, there were several calls related to overdue persons or separated parties that were resolved either by the people on the scene or by the original responding deputy without the need for further resources.

August 30:  Deputy assisted Gila County in searching for the overdue hiker who may have been in the Woods Canyon area.

August 30: Search and Rescue responded to the report of a distress signal/text message from a person camping off Woody Mountain Road. The incident was resolved approximately six hours later when searchers located the person. The distress signal had been accidentally sent from the person’s watch.

August 31: Deputies assisted two juveniles on motorcycles who had become disoriented on their return to their recreation area near FS 700.

September 1: Deputy assisted a mountain biker who was lost in the Schultz Pass area find his way back to his trailhead/vehicle.

September 1: Party of one adult and three juveniles were separated from the rest of their camping group in the area of FS 6201. Shortly thereafter, they were reported reunited.

September 2: Group of four adults, one child, and a dog were reported overdue from an overnight camping/hiking trip in the area of West Fork and FS 231. Arizona Department of Public Safety Ranger and Coconino Search and Rescue responded. The hikers were located and escorted out.

September 2: Two hikers in the Forest Dale area called to report they were lost.  They were located and provided a ride.

September 2: Report of an adult and three children overdue from a hike in the area of FS 144. The hikers were reported as returned safely to camp a short time later.

Detention Facility:  The Coconino County Detention Facility Flagstaff Facility receives arrested persons from Coconino Sheriff’s Office, Flagstaff Police Department, Northern Arizona University Police, Williams Police, Arizona Department of Public Safety, and state and federal agencies in the area such as the National Park Service, US Forest Service, and Arizona Game and Fish.

During the period of August 30 – September 2, 2019, a total of 149 persons were booked (39 of these were at the Page Facility), compared to 132 persons booked the previous non-holiday period (August 23-August 26).

Charge Type (for Persons Booked Aug 30 – Sep 2) Felony Misdemeanor
DUI 3 11
Alcohol Violations 8
Drug Offenses 12 5
Disorderly Conduct 13
Theft, Shoplifting 2 3
Traffic Violations (Driving on Suspended, etc.) 5
Warrant (Failure to Appear, Failure to Comply, Probation Violation, Parole Violation, etc.) 10 30
Person Crimes – Other (Assault, Domestic Violence, Custodial Interference, Kidnap, Endangerment, Threatening, etc.) 9 11
Property Crimes – Other (Criminal Damage, Trespass, Litter, etc.) 2 11
Other (Including Court Remands) 1 13

The Sheriff’s Office thanks all those individuals and other public safety agencies who assisted with responses during this holiday weekend and in helping to keep our community safe.

# # #

Note: Numbers are best estimates at the time of data summary and are based on field reports from deputies, detention, and dispatch information.


Sheriff’s Office: Very Busy Labor Day Weekend - overview

Summary: The Coconino County Sheriff's Office very busy during the Laboe day Weekend.


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