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Shaping the Future of the City of Page

Shaping the Future of the City of Page
December 12
15:20 2019

The focus is now on the future of Page!

The city has hired Logan Simpson, a multidisciplinary firm that specializes in community and environmental planning, landscape architecture and design, and cultural resource planning to spearhead strategic initiatives designed to guide the City of Page and its residents towards their desired future.

According to Mitch Hendrick of Logan Simpson:

When we work with a community, it is our goal to hear from as much of the community as possible, to create a community-driven plan that guides the community towards the future that its people desire.

Mitch Hendrick

The City of Page has hired us, as well as our sub-consultant, Zions Bank Public Finance, to complete the following initiatives:

-Housing Strategy Development and Prioritization Memo

-Targeted Industries Analysis

-Design Guidelines

-Land Use Map Amendment and Zoning Audit

These four initiatives address housing availability and affordability, economic development, land use compatibility, and the look and feel of the City of Page. Page is in a unique position to capitalize on its location, surrounding natural beauty, and City-owned land through determined leadership at the City level and a vocal, excited population of residents and visitors. The responses from the first community questionnaire provided the project team with great suggestions and recommendations, we’re now asking you to visit the project website and take part in the second questionnaire.

Please visit and take the community questionnaire to voice your opinion about what you would like Page to look like in the future, and also identify potential restaurants that you would like to see located in Page. Once you complete the questionnaire, share it with your friends, family, co-workers, and others who live, work, and play in Page.

Shaping the Future of the City of Page - overview

Summary: Shaping the Future of the City of Page


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