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Sex and Drug Allegations Lead to Nurse Dismissal

September 16
15:50 2014

Small Nurse PhotoA registered nurse in Page has surrendered his license to the Arizona State Board of Nursing in Phoenix after admitting to violating the Nurse Practice Act. The license has been accepted by the board, according to the Executive Director, Joey Ridenour, who spoke to Lake Powell Communications.

The now-former nurse is identified as Cresfield Winslow Moody, who most recently worked for Encompass health Services in Page, beginning in September 2013. Prior to that, Moody owned and operated “Care For You” Family Health, also in Page.

The board received a complaint from an unnamed patient about Moody, alleging unwanted sexual contact. The allegations went on to say that Moody exchanged controlled substances in exchange for sexual favors with this patient. While Moody denied to the board the specifics of the patient’s complaints, he did, according to the official document, admit to having a sexual relationship with the patient over a 12-month period ending in November 2013. The encounters, according to Moody, took place in his office for the most part, and one time in the patient’s home.

In addition, he admitted that he and the patient exchanged sexually explicit photos of each other via text messages.

There were other allegations where Moody said he may have “verbally crossed the line” with two or three other patients. He denied to the board that he knew that some patients have referred to him as the “Candy Man,” which implied that he prescribed controlled substances in exchange for sexual favors.

An attempt to reach Mr. Moody was met with a phone number that had been disconnected.

Joe Wright, the CEO of Encompass Health Services in Page, told Lake Powell Communications that he wants their patients, and the community, to know they took care of this problem as soon as they heard about it.

He went on to say Mr. Moody is no longer employed by Encompass Health Services. He added that he and his staff are very proud of what they’ve built for this community, and they hope they can re-gain your trust again and to continue to provide services from their outstanding staff.

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