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Senior Day: Two More Basketball Wins for Page

Senior Day: Two More Basketball Wins for Page
February 10
08:07 2020

Senior teammates; Camryn Nockideneh, Amber Clark and Ashlyn Adakai

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The Page High School basketball teams were both in action on Saturday afternoon at the Page gym on Senior Day. Both teams won, but all eyes were on the girls because they had lost to the Hornets in Ganado earlier in the season.

Page Girls 49 Ganado 31

Page Boys 77 Ganado 45


The Girls

This didn’t start out as a fun game; no way. The Lady Sand Devils were down 10-1 in the first quarter. Amazingly, they never had the lead in the game until there were 1.2 seconds left in the 2nd quarter. It was at that time that Nadya Begay went to the free-throw line for two. Her first was perfect and tied the game at 18. Her second was even more perfect and put Page ahead 19-18.

Until the game was tied the many Ganado fans, at times, were drowning out the hometown fans. It was loud and the Hornets’ fans were excited. But junior Nadya Begay, almost singlehandedly, quieted the Ganado fans with those pressure free throws for the rest of the afternoon.

Seniors: Alvarez, Cambridge, Varner, Larson, and Gomez

Another person how helped lead the ladies to their big win was junior Torrance Begay. When the Page ship finally took control of the game, it was Torrance at the helm. The third quarter, in many ways, was hers. She scored eleven of her fifteen points in that exciting third period.

The Lady Sand Devils finish the regular season # 1 in the Section, and as a reward, they will have a bye on Thursday in Chinle. But they will be in action by Friday, and there’s no telling how far Coach Ryan Whitehorse’s gals can go in February.

The Boys

It was pretty cool how the guys’ starting lineup Saturday consisted of the five seniors on the team: Ezra Larson, Gabe Gomez, Jordan Varner, Ben Alvarez, and Evan Cambridge.

But this game was pretty much a no-doubter even before the tip-off. The guys took control early and had a 25-12 by the end of the first quarter. At halftime, it was 44-19.

Junior Stuart Sandall contributed twenty points to the cause and led the Page and Ganado fans to scream and holler with his exciting dunks. Also in double-digits for Page were Ben Alvarez and Robert Smith.

Next up for Coach Justin Smith’s guys is a certain bye on Thursday, before they get back to work for real on Friday in Chinle.

Senior Day: Two More Basketball Wins for Page - overview

Summary: Two More Basketball Wins for Page; Now it's the Post Season


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