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Saving Sagebrush

Saving Sagebrush
June 23
10:26 2022

By Eli Joseph

The Department of Interior has announced a multi-million dollar project to save sagebrush ecosystems.
The ecosystems support more than 350 species, including declining populations of sage grouse, which need sagebrush to survive.
Says Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, “Sagebrush ecosystems serve as the lifeblood of rural communities and tribal lands.”
Wildfires over the past several years have destroyed vast areas of sagebrush.
Cheatgrass represents the biggest threat to sagebrush.  Cheatgrass wipes out native plants and is prone to wildfire.
Interior will spend nine million dollars on 40 projects in Western states, including Utah.
Saving Sagebrush - overview

Summary: Saving Sagebrush


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