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Sand Devils’ Sprinter Signs with Park University

Sand Devils’ Sprinter Signs with Park University
July 12
15:17 2021

Sand Devils’ Sprinter Signs with Park University

By Steven Law

Zhanna is a record-holder (Click on to enlarge)

Early this summer, Sand Devils record-setting sprinter, Zhanna Edwards, signed with Park University becoming the newest member of its track team.

Park University (Gilbert, Ariz.) plans to have Edwards run the 100M, 200M and 400M for its track program. Edwards may also join the track team’s relay teams as well.

Zhanna ran the 100M, 200M and the 400M for the Sand Devils, setting new school records in the 100M and 200M.

Zhanna is the daughter of Reggie and Lynette Edwards. As many of us know, Reggie was also a Sand Devils track star during his time at Page High School, and set several records along the way. He still holds the Sand Devils record for fastest times in the 100M, 200M straight, 200m curved and the 400M.  

His and Zhanna’s name are side by side on the Sand Devils record board.

Zhanna never got a good opportunity to try to better the track records she set her sophomore year. Zhanna also played volleyball for the Sand Devils, and she hurt her patella during a volleyball game during a summer league game between her sophomore and junior years. She competed in track her junior year, but did it on her injured knee. Zhanna missed a chance to better her records her senior year in 2020 because schools ended their spring sports programs that year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Zhanna had the knee repaired last December and worked with the Sand Devils track team this year, 2021, as a volunteer coach and took advantage of that time to build up her own strength and conditioning.

Several college-level track programs had been scouting Zhanna since early in her high school career, but with no season her senior year, that interest dropped off.

“After the surgery, Zhanna and Reggie let the schools know that she was working out again, and several of them invited her to visit their campuses and join their running squads in workouts. The coaches at Park University liked what they saw and offered her a spot on the team.

Zhanna says she’s looking forward to joining the team and starting college. “I really like my teammates,” she said. “I feel like they’ll make it a fun experience. “

Since the workouts, Zhanna has kept in touch with her team mates doing group chats via Zoom.

“I really like their energy,” said Zhanna. “They have high, positive energy.”

Zhanna moves in to her room Aug. 10. The indoor season starts in September. The team’s first practice was July 1. Zhanna’s coach sent her a workout regimen for July, which she’ll follow while she’s still in Page.

After time away from the track and the sport she loves, Zhanna says she’s happy to be back.

“I’m excited to get down there, start running again and get started on the next part of my life.”







Sand Devils’ Sprinter Signs with Park University - overview

Summary: Sand Devils' Sprinter Signs with Park University


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