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San Juan County (Utah); Close Vote on Prop 10

San Juan County (Utah); Close Vote on Prop 10
November 06
15:13 2019

Kenneth Maryboy

By: John Christian Hopkins

Close Vote on Prop 10

Editor’s note: It might be the end of the week before Prop-10 results are official

Did San Juan County voters nix Proposition 10 during a special election Tuesday?

At 11 a.m. today (November 6) National Native News reported that the controversial ballot measure appeared headed for defeat.

But approximately 650 votes remained uncounted at the start of the business day.

Prop 10 would authorize a commission to study other options in filling the county commission – including splitting existing districts and added more seats on the commission.

When ballot counting ended last night 1,735 voters had opposed Prop 10, while 1,614 supported it. With more than 600 votes remaining to be counted the final result could still go either way.

The push for changing the San Juan County government began after the 2018 elections when, for the first time ever, Navajos won two of the three seats.

Commissioners Kenneth Maryboy and Willie Grayeyes, both Navajo, said Prop 10 is an attempt to undo the 2018 election results.

However, Blanding Mayor Joe Lyman, who championed the proposition, said that had nothing to do with his efforts. It is about fair representation for voters, he insisted.

Blanding, with some 3,700 residents is the largest town in San Juan County. The city used to fall into one district. Now it is divided over all three districts and Blanding voters are losing their voice on the commission, Lyman said.

San Juan County (Utah); Close Vote on Prop 10 - overview

Summary: San Juan County (Utah); Close Vote on Prop 10


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