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Safer Summer on Utah’s Highways

Safer Summer on Utah’s Highways
September 11
09:24 2019
What the Utah Highway Patrol has dubbed “the deadliest 100 days” were less lethal this year.
The “days” run from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
There were 41 fewer fatalities on the state’s highways in 2019, which the Patrol characterizes as a “significant reduction.”
Sixty-one people died in crashes this year, compared to 102 in 2018.
Summer fatalities are usually double the number of the rest of the year.
Human error is responsible for 94 percent of accidents.  Distraction, speeding, drowsiness, impairment, and the failure to engage seat belts are usually involved.
The Patrol notes the increasing number of recreational vehicles on the roads.  Such vehicles have large blind spots and need longer stopping distances.
Eighty percent of all accidents occur on dry roads and under clear skies.
Safer Summer on Utah’s Highways - overview

Summary: Utah highways were safer this summer.

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