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Sad Times at Page Airport

Sad Times at Page Airport
March 01
10:34 2017

It wasn’t a good day at work Monday for those who are employed at Page Municipal Airport. Talking to some of the people who work there, in various capacities for several different companies, they were feeling somber over the fatal crash in Utah involving a small plane that claimed three lives.

The Wells Family

The Cessna 172 was piloted by Sandy, Utah resident Randall Wells. With him, he had his son, 8, and his daughter, 3. They had refueled at Page’s airport Saturday evening just hours before the plane disappeared in the Panguitch, Utah area. It was found Monday morning broken up in a wooded area. There were no survivors.

An employee at the airport, who assisted Mr. Wells, reportedly thought the man looked fatigued. He apparently offered Wells and his two children a place to rest at the airport for the night, but was turned down.

The National Transportation Safety Board is, reportedly, looking at fatigue as a possible cause for the crash, along with a number of other possible causes. It’s also reported that the FAA was planning on sending someone to Page to test the fuel that was used to fill the Wells’ airplane. It’s a common practice following a crash.

A “gofundme” account has been set-up for the Wells family. At last report $115,000 had been raised. Mrs. Wells is 20 weeks pregnant, expecting a little girl soon.

On Tuesday a member of the family sent a Thank You message to the five Utah counties that had their emergency crews searching for the plane on Sunday and Monday, until the plane was found at 11 AM. Those counties were Iron, Garfield, Sevier, Beaver and Piute. Though found near Panguitch, the plane was actually in Iron County, where their Sheriff’s Office is assisting in the investigation.

The thoughts of appreciation from the family read:

“We would like to share our love to all of the volunteers that came out the past two days to help search. And also those who expressed their love on social media. We can’t describe how grateful we are for the closure we received and that we were able to find the plane.”

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