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Ripley’s-type Animal Stories to Quack About

Ripley’s-type Animal Stories to Quack About
June 21
04:06 2021

 Animal Quackers and Other Tales

Why did the ducks cross the road?

Why, to get a fresh bagel, of course.

Things were looking down as a mother duck and her eight kids emerged from under a van and began to cross a busy Brooklyn street.

That’s when Doug Gordon and several other people leaped into action. They began redirecting traffic around the duck family.

It was a real “Brooklyn steps up” moment, according to Gordon.

Once safely across the mama duck led her waddling progeny into a neighborhood bagel shop. The daffy duck’s “quackpot” idea to score a bagel failed as she had no money and shop owners refused to put it on her “bill.”

Gordon said he didn’t know of the ducks were chased from the bagel shop or simply saw nothing on the menu that suited their fancy.

According to witnesses the duck family eventually reached the safety of Prospect Park.

Michael Packard also has a whale of a story to share.

The Massachusetts lobsterman was diving off of Cape Cod when he was swallowed by a humpback whale. He spent about 40 seconds inside the gaping maw before the whale spit him out.

Packard was treated and released by a local hospital, with minor bruising and no broken bones.

In Scotland a frightened mammal became otter fodder in a story much odder.

A resident found a spooked otter hiding under his hood. When would-be rescuers opened the car’s hood, the aquatic critter freed itself and scooted away.

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