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Report: Warren Jeffs Had a Mental Breakdown

Report: Warren Jeffs Had a Mental Breakdown
August 10
07:24 2019

There are reports that FLDS leader Warren Jeffs has suffered a mental breakdown. The news was reported on Fox-13 TV in Salt Lake City, which quoted court records.

According to the report, the “leader” of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Jeffs, is unable to make a deposition. The claim is that he has suffered a mental breakdown.

The 63-year olf Jeffs is serving a life term in a Texas prison for having sex with a minor female. That female was his very young wife. His initial relations with the young girl were recorded and became the basis of his conviction. Reports indicate that Warren Jeffs had more than 70-wives in all.

The lawsuit in question now concerns an unidentified woman, known only by her initials, who has claimed ritualistic sex abuse against Jeffs. She seeks money from the trust that controls the multi-state town of Short Creek, which includes Hildale, Utah and Colorado City, Arizona.

In court records, an attorney for the defendant wrote that to have Jeffs give a disposition would be futile. However, attorneys for the plaintiff have seen no proof of Jeffs’ mental breakdown and are scoffing at the idea.

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