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Replacement Windshield Legislation Unclear

Replacement Windshield Legislation Unclear
January 25
11:07 2017

Insurance companies are crossing their fingers that a new piece of legislation in the Arizona State Senate is eventually passed. It deals with the free replacement windshields we receive across the state if we sustain damage and have full coverage on our vehicle.

Prescott Republican Karen Fann has introduced Senate Bill 1169 that would allow insurance companies to charge us a deductible if we have a windshield repaired or replaced. For many years the cost of that replacement was squarely on the shoulders of the insurance carrier.

Reports indicate there are plenty of glass repair shops simply in business to do the windshield repairs and then collect from the insurance companies. There are apparently plenty of broken, smashed and destroyed windshields to go around because of the heat in Arizona, as well as all the rocks that get thrown our way on the roads and highways.

It’s against the law in Arizona to drive with a broken or cracked windshield.

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