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Remains of Shooter Likely Found

Remains of Shooter Likely Found
December 29
08:29 2015

The remains of a man who shot a Utah state park ranger nine times in the back five years ago appear to have been located in southern Utah.

A college student home on Christmas break in Moab made the discovery.

In 2010, Ranger Brody Young approached a parked car at a trailhead to make inquiries about what the driver was doing in the area after dark.  As he returned to his vehicle to run a computer check, the driver, Lance Arellano, shot Young.

Young fell to the ground but returned fire and was sure Arellano was hit before Arellano ran off into the desert.

Young survived the encounter.

A $30,000 reward was offered for locating Arellano, dead or alive.

Last week, Caleb Shumway continued an ongoing search for Arellano; he says he was motivated by the reward money to help pay for his education.  In a narrow opening in a rock field, he found skeletal remains, clothing, and a backpack with a gun inside.

The items have been forwarded to the state medical examiner.

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