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Quarantine Orders Are Serious Business in Southern Utah

April 04
04:54 2020

In Southern Utah quarantine orders are being taken seriously.

The Police Chief in Hurricane, Utah, Lynn Excell, has stated that any case of someone ignoring quarantine orders could lead to them facing  criminal charges.

The Chief’s comments followed a report that a man who had reportedly been in close contact with a person who had tested positive for Covid-19, had been seen walking in public. Chef Excell, according to reports, spoke to the man by phone on Friday, and the gentleman said he would respect the quarantine measure from now on.

The resident in question has not tested positive himself.

It is considered a criminal offense in Utah to disobey quarantine orders, according to an edict declared by Governor Gary Herbert on April 1.

Hurricane Chief Excell said it would be considered a Class-B misdemeanor the first time someone is caught ignoring such an order from the Southwest Public Health Department.

It’s all about safety for everyone.

As of Friday (Apr 3) the state of Utah had over 12-hundred confirmed cases of Covid-19. There have been 7 related deaths in the state.

In Arizona, as of Friday, there had been over 17-hundred confirmed cases and 41-deaths.

Quarantine Orders Are Serious Business in Southern Utah - overview

Summary: Quarantine Orders Are Serious Business in Southern Utah


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