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Prosecution Rests its Case in NAU Shooter Trial

Prosecution Rests its Case in NAU Shooter Trial
April 20
14:55 2017

Steven Jones

The trial for Steven Jones, who is accused of shooting four Northern Arizona University students in 2015, continued Wednesday as two of the surviving victims of the attack took the stand.

Kyle Zientek and Nick Prado where injured in the shooting which took the life of Colin Brough. Jones is charged with first degree murder but his defense team is making a case for self defense.

The prosecution is trying to rebuff that defense pointing to the two gunshot wounds on Zienteks back and Prado’s testimony that he tried to runaway before he was shot.

The defense meanwhile is relying on pointing out the inconsistencies of the testimony, saying the witnesses gave inconsistent statements to police the night of the shooting.

12 jurors in the Coconino County Courthouse have been hearing testimony for three weeks now and the prosecution rested its case this afternoon.

The defense will begin presenting its case tomorrow and the trial is expected to last at least two more weeks.

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