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President Says No Lethal Measures for BLM Equine

President Says No Lethal Measures for BLM Equine
July 12
09:50 2019

Summer is such a hard time for the wild horses and burros that wander the barren, dry BLM lands of Idaho, Utah. An advisory board meeting in Boise this week ending with recommendations to the BLM regarding their management of wild horses and burros; the Trump Administration in the meantime has sent down word the President does not plan to use lethal measures as a solution for the feral overpopulation.

Acting Director Casey Hammond informed the Wild Horse and Burro Advisory board Thursday that the U.S. Bureau of Land Management would not be considering such methods as euthanasia or selling the animals for slaughter as options to solving the ecological and fiscal crisis caused by the quickly multiplying herds.

The panel, made up of six members, agreed that killing the wild horses was not the path they wished to pursue but admitted they were running out of time to come up with alternate solutions before they will be forced to resort to critical measures.



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