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Police Alert: Assaults in Page

October 02
07:57 2014
Ray VarnerPagePolice

Captain Ray Varner

“Be careful,” is  what Page Police Captain Ray Varner wants from everyone who lives in or visits Page. We’re not be the biggest city in the world, but things still happen here; like assaults.

Captain Varner was warning people just last week through Lake Powell Communications how people, and especially women, have to always be aware of their surroundings as they make their way around town, around a parking lot, or just about anywhere.

But word of assaults, or possible assaults, has been making its way around town. People are apparently worried.

There have been at least three assaults recently in Page. While in a couple of cases the would-be victims were able to get away, one of the victims, a juvenile, did not. And she may have been sexually assaulted. However, Captain Varner tells us that while she reported the assault as sexual at first, she later changed her story.

Regardless, there is someone out there, or perhaps more than one person, who preys on females. And all of the victims, or “almost” victims, were listening to music with earplugs in their ears; not aware of their surroundings.

The Captain tells of a woman walking on the track at the middle school recently, who thought she was alone. There came a point when she felt the presence of someone. She turned around and found a man two or three inches away from her. She turned and ran. She wasn’t harmed. But, again, she had been listening to music with earplugs.

In another instance, according to the Police Captain, a woman thought a pickup truck might be following her as she was walking. At one point she turned around to get a good look and the driver immediately made a u-turn and left the area.

So the bottom line, in the eyes of Captain Ray Varner, is to always be careful and always be aware of what, or who, is around you.

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