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Pipeline Idea Provokes Controversy

Pipeline Idea Provokes Controversy
May 05
13:45 2016

Even though an application has been submitted for a proposed water pipeline stretching from Lake Powell to Washington County in Utah, it doesn’t mean ground will ever be broken. But the application for the controversial idea was submitted on Monday.

This pipeline idea seems to have as many naysayers as backers. It would be roughly 140-miles in length and would provide water for areas of southern Utah where a population increase is expected over the coming years.

But those against the idea point to the fact that a lot of the Colorado River’s water is already spoken for. Plus, there’s nowhere near as much water in the river as there was a few years back.

The next step for the pipeline is the Division of Water Resources arm of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. They will study the proposal before it goes a step further.

One of the organizations fighting the pipeline notion is “Conserve Southwest Utah.” On Facebook they mentioned some of the things they feel are wrong with the idea:

…the risky cost and financial plan, the risky river, the bad data being used to justify it, ignoring less costly and less risky alternatives. If the feds approve it, we only have the state legislature to stop it

They said further, that if the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission gives a thumbs-up on the project, then only the state legislature in Utah could stop it from happening.

There are reportedly four different routes being considered for the pipeline. Each draft features different roués and costs.

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