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Pipeline Estimates are Huge

Pipeline Estimates are Huge
November 13
09:08 2015

Twenty economists from Utah’s three major universities have endorsed a study that found user costs associated with the proposed Lake Powell pipeline would be astronomical.

The study estimates that pipeline debt for every man, woman, and child in the pipeline’s destination of Washington County will be as high as $781 a year.

Specifically, impact fees assessed newcomer residents would rise 138 percent to $14,500 per water connection, and rates would skyrocket by 678 percent.

The pipeline would run from Lake Powell 139 miles to the St. George area. Its capacity would be 86,000 acre feet.

Washington County Conservancy District spokeswoman Karry Rathje says costs would be mitigated by the fact that water will be purchased in blocks as needed and would be paid for on a 50-year installment plan.

The Utah Division of Water Resources was appointed to manage the Lake Powell Pipeline Development by the Utah Legislature in the Lake Powell Pipeline Development Act, Rathje said. It’s a state project, not a district project.

The pipeline was authorized by the Utah Legislature in 2006.

The pipeline is estimated to cost $1.5 billion.

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