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Peter Parker is Star of Worldwide Web

Peter Parker is Star of Worldwide Web
July 16
07:41 2017


Boasting the current number one movie in Hollywood, Peter Parker is quite a swinger for someone who turns 55 next month.

Parker – better known as Spider-Man – made his debut in Amazing Fantasy #15 in August of 1962. Writer-creator Stan Lee had to fight for the amazing wall-crawler.

Before the creation of Spider-Man superheroes were pure and noble, almost god-like. But Spider-Man – and the man in the suit, Peter Parker – has flaws, has to overcome everyday obstacles and juggle homework while as he fights terrifying villains like the Green Goblin, Doc Octopus and the Vulture.

At the time a teenager in comics was relegated to sidekick status – think Robin, the Boy Wonder. But Lee butted heads with Marvel publisher Martin Goodman, arguing that teens made up the bulk of comic book fans and would respond to a hero they could relate to.

Goodman eventually agreed to a try-out – but there was a catch: the comic book series Amazing Adult Fantasy was scheduled to end anyway. (Issue #15, the Spider-Man debut, was renamed Amazing Fantasy for that one story.)

It looked liked the friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man was going to be a one-and-done story. But a few months later, as Goodman was going over the sales figures for the young Marvel comics company he suddenly realized that Spider-Man was a top seller.

Spidey spun a web of tales from then on. Easily Marvel’s most recognizable superhero, Spider-Man trails on DC stalwarts Superman and Batman in popularity.

Peter Benjamin Parker began as a shy, high school nerd and over the years became a college student, a college professor and a freelance photographer. Parker has genius-level IQ, one of the brainiest members of the Marvel Universe.

His alter-ego has super-strength, the ability to cling and climb surfaces like his namesake arachnid and a unique ability to shoot spider webs.

In addition to his powers, Spider-Man uses his “Spidey Sense” to warn him of danger.

There’s no danger of him fading from the Marvel Universe any time soon. His latest venture – Spider-Man: Homecoming – raked in nearly $120 million in its opening weekend.

The movie – and actor Tom Holland – have garnered rave reviews.

Spider-Man fans seem to have found the perfect webslinger.

While fans of the comics felt that Tobey Maguire made a great Peter Parker, they were less thrilled by his turn as Spidey. It was the opposite for Andrew Garfield, who made a great superhero, but seemed too cool to pull off the nerdy Parker.

Besides, both Maguire (26) and Garfield (28) looked too old to be the young Parker.

Holland at 20 is closer to Parker’s age (15) in the early comics.

With the contract with Robert Downey, Jr. – who plays Iron Man in the Marvel Universe – coming to its end, Marvel seems to be shifting its superhero alignment to put Spider-Man at the center.

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