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Pandemic Changes Much at Page High School

Pandemic Changes Much at Page High School
April 18
04:49 2020

Athletic Director Feels Bad for the School’s Seniors

Ernie and Kristy Rivers

Ernie Rivers is the Page High School Athletic and Activities Director and he tells Lake Powell Communications that this whole Covid-19 pandemic makes him feel bad for the high school’s seniors.

“Because they’re not going to be able to participate in many of the end-of-the-year celebrations that seniors typically get to enjoy,” he said. “You know; getting to say goodbye to their classmates in a traditional manner, yearbook signings, and things like that.”

There will be a prom and commencement exercises, thank to a decision made by Principal Anne Martin, and others.

“Things are so fluid right now, and ever-changing,” added the AD. “We could go back to normal in two weeks, which I doubt, or it could be like this for another two months, and it could even affect next year. It is so unpredictable with so many unknowns.”

Mr. Rivers admitted one thing to us; that it’s been rather nice to stay at home with his family.

“I am still very much working a lot, but it’s less hands-on,” he added. “But I’m still trying to put together a senior book for our spring sports. But our student Council has begun recognizing a lot of their seniors as part of our student council (Facebook) page.”

There was a lot of reaction recently from students and parents alike, when Ernie Rivers’ athletic department began turning the football lights on every Friday night in order to honor the school’s seniors.

The idea, according to the AD actually came from a student at Tuba City High School.

“We do it at seven o’clock, the football kickoff time, and we call it ‘Friday Night Lights,’” said the AD. “The lights are left on for twenty minutes and twenty seconds, to honor our 2020 graduating seniors. It’s a good opportunity to recognize our seniors.”

See a video of Friday Night Lights at:

Michigan native, Rivers, is obviously still very much involved in his job heading athletics and activities at Page High School. We will keep in touch with him, keeping up on anything going on within the two departments.

His final thought was that the seniors he has spoken to, seem, maybe, a little lost right now.

“Maybe they’re not lost; maybe it’s a sense of mourning over what has happened to their senior year,” he said. “I mean, for twelve and a half years they’ve worked hard to get to this point! Maybe they feel like they’ve been cheated, I don’t know.”

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Summary: Pandemic Changes Much at Page Arizona High School


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