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Palcohol May Soon be Legal in Arizona

Palcohol May Soon be Legal in Arizona
May 22
13:43 2015

What is Palcohol?   Palcohol is short for “Powdered Alcohol.”  And it is exactly that.alcohol bottles small pic

Its intended use is to be mixed with water or another liquid, which would turn the drink into an alcoholic beverage.

However, many people are raising concerns of others misusing and abusing the product. It is believed some people will attempt to snort the powder rather than mixing it with a drink.   One of the other concerns with the product is that it will make alcohol easier to obtain by youths.

The creators of the product marketed it as having many uses, even being applied to food, like a seasoning on a steak!

Sale of the product is banned in seven states, but Governor Doug Ducey vetoed the bill that would have banned the powder from being sold in Arizona.

The product is so new to the market that there hasn’t been much research done pertaining to health effects from consuming it.

Coconino County Public Health Services District has urged parents, teachers, and the rest of the community to keep an eye out when the alcohol powder becomes available.

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