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Page Unified School District: Important Message!

Page Unified School District: Important Message!
June 23
00:52 2020

Hello Page Unified School District families,

We are looking forward to welcoming you back for the 2020-21 school year. With school opening in just five weeks and with Covid-19 cases still occurring in Page, Arizona and the Navajo Nation, many are wondering what returning to school will look like for their students and themselves.

Officials and administrators with the Page Unified School District have spent several weeks working on a school re-opening plan, and we have devised three re-opening options, and have examined the challenges and strengths of each option.

Option One: Regular open with teachers and students in the classroom.

Option Two: Hybrid re-opening with half the students learning in brick and mortar classrooms, and the other half learning online.

Option Three: 100 percent virtual learning, with all curriculum and learning happening online.

No matter which option is decided upon, the 20-21 school year will begin Tuesday, August 4 for all schools in the Page Unified School District.

What would Option One look like? In-school learning will take place with students, teachers and staff following all CDC guidelines, and any other recommendations from the Governor’s Office, Arizona Dept. of Education, Navajo Nation, or the Arizona Dept. of Health Services.

The health of our students and staff remains the school district’s number one priority, and we will take all necessary health precautions. All students, teachers and anyone entering campus will be given a thermal temperature scan. If anyone has a fever or is showing other symptoms of the Corona virus they will be sent home. The schools will provide isolation rooms for anyone with a fever or displaying symptoms who is unable to return home.

Everyone in school will be required to wear a mask. Classrooms and learning spaces will be arranged to provide hand washing, increased spacing, social distancing and smaller group sizes.

What would Option Two, a hybrid of in classroom and online learning, look like? Option Two could take a few different forms. It has been added to give our teachers and students more flexibility. One scenario under the hybrid system is having half the students in class with their teacher while the other half of the class watches online from home. This would allow for increased social distancing and smaller group sizes. Under this scenario half of the class will attend in-school on Monday and Tuesday and the other half attend in class Wednesday and Thursday, or Thursday and Friday if custodial crews need to do a deep clean between groups on Wednesday.

If the schools see an unsafe rise in Corona virus cases Option Two gives it the ability to close schools temporarily and move all classes online while the numbers go back down.

What would Option Three, with 100 percent online learning look like? The school district will move to Option Three if Covid-19 cases are too high to allow for a safe return to school. Under this option, teachers will present their lessons online and their students will watch the lesson from an internet-connected device. All students, grades 3-12 will be issued a Chromebook and protective cover. Classes will be taught in Google Classroom.

There are bound to be some challenges and questions for parents and students as they learn how to operate and navigate in the virtual classroom. Foreseeing this possibility, the district will have dedicated systems in place to help with that. It will provide a dedicated Tech Support Line with a live person who can answer those questions. The district will also provide parents with links to YouTube tutorials that demonstrate how to log in to Google Classroom, edit in Google Classroom, etc. Assignment and homework help will occur during the teachers’ office hours.

Incoming Superintendent Larry Wallen is looking as Option One as the most likely scenario for re-opening schools on Aug. 4.

“No matter which option the school district uses, we will ensure that our students still receive a good education,” said Shannon Garrison, Director of Curriculum and Instruction. “The curriculum isn’t going to change. We’re still going to be using Beyond Textbooks, and we will ensure that all the Arizona standards are met.”

The three options for returning to school is just one component of a much larger document the district has prepared. The 97-page document, called the Continuous Learning Plan, examines the challenges and strategies of returning to school under various Covid-19 scenarios.

In designing and preparing the Continuous Learning Plan, Wallen create six teams made up of teachers, principals, and administrators from the district. Each team was tasked with identifying problems and creating solutions for the following areas:

1. Definition of Teacher and Student Expectations

2. Identification of Delivery Platforms
a. Use of school devices at home.
b. Student safety
c. IT support

3. Communication with Internal and External Stakeholders

4. Ensuring Professional Development/Teacher Competency
a. Teacher Professional Development
b. Educator safety
c. Learning platforms

5. Define and Ensure Student Access

6. When Will We Resume School?
While creating the Continuous Learning Plan the six teams sough input from the Arizona Dept. of Education, the Arizona School Board Association and other educational organizations.
PUSD has posted a draft document of the entire Continuous Learning Plan on its website. You can reach it by clicking the following link. The document may change as conditions change or more information becomes available.

If you’d like to read the District’s full Return to School plan, please click the link below.…/2020-06-17%20_%20Continuous%20Lea…

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