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Page Students Receive Their Chromebooks & iPads

Page Students Receive Their Chromebooks & iPads
August 05
14:41 2020

Students receive Chromebooks, iPads as schools prepare to re-open

 By Steve Law

Getting ready for the students

Parents with students attending Page Unified School District picked up iPads and Chromebooks this week in preparation for the new school year, which will begin remotely due to Covid-19.

    When parents pulled up to the curb in front of Page High School to pick up their student’s Chromebook and other materials they found a smooth, efficient delivery system. They first met by a PHS staff member who took down the student’s name and radioed it to another staff member waiting inside the school building, who found the student’s items and brought them to the curb outside.

    In addition to the Chromebook, the student also received a Remote Learning Kit, which includes information that will make the transition from in-school to remote learning easier. The packets include information for parents and students how to start up their device, how to log in to their Google classroom and tech support information, should they encounter problems along the way.

    The binders contained a spiral notebook, pencil pouch with pencils, 8-tab page dividers, graph paper.

    “This type of binder is part of our AVID strategy that helps our students stayed organized,” said Henderson.

    Eight-hundred and sixteen of those binders were put together by PHS Band Director, David Johnson.

    Delivering the Chromebooks and Remote Learning Kit was merely the final item at the end of a very long organizational process. “We’ve been organizing the Chromebooks and packets for weeks,” said PHS Assistant Principal, Brian Henderson. “The layers of logistics we’ve navigated to reach this point is kind of staggering. It kind of felt like we were preparing for D Day.”

    Each school in the Page Unified School District went through a similar preparation process.    

    Students from each school also received a Remote Learning Kit, which contained educational items pertinent to each grade level. For instance, the kits of Lake View students contained items they will use in their math, art, and science classes. Things such as crayons, whiteboards, dry markers, scissors and glue.

    The teachers got together by grade level and decided what items to include in the kits that would make teaching easier for the teachers, and learning more affective for the students.

     All the schools did something similar.

    Desert View teachers and staff began organizing their Remote Learning Kits Friday afternoon. Two groups organized ELA files, and two more groups organized math folders.

    “Fran Tucker was the one who rallied the troops and organized the groups,” said Desert View Principal, Mary Stahl.   

    “It was all hands on deck there for a few hours,” said Tucker.

    The school district prepared 2,600 Chromebooks for students to take home. Preparing the iPads and Chromebooks has been a long process. Technology Director, Brian Osterink, has spent the last six weeks registering each one, updating the operating systems and loading the necessary apps to optimize each device for virtual learning.

 Chromebooks are something that students throughout the district used on a regular basis, when classes were held on-site. As a result, the school district is able to utilize Chromebooks already in its inventory. But in recent weeks, the district has purchased an additional $150,000 worth of Chromebooks and iPads.

    The delivery of the Chromebooks and iPads marked an important threshold for the school district. It was one of their first steps as they transition from their planning phase to their implementation phase.

    “This is an important moment as we move from the physical classroom to the virtual classroom,” said Superintendent, Larry Wallen. “Exciting things are happening right now. I get so excited when I see hear about one teacher helping another teacher. Our teachers are willing and working hard to make this school year an extraordinary experience.”



Page Students Receive Their Chromebooks & iPads - overview
Students receive Chromebooks, iPads as schools prepare to re-open

Summary: Students receive Chromebooks, iPads as schools prepare to re-open

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