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Page Steps Into the 21st Century

Page Steps Into the 21st Century
February 23
15:16 2017

This week we received news from South Central Communications (SCC) that Page now has a high-speed (fiber optic) network. Their press release tells us that slow Internet connections are now a thing of the past.

Among the people elated by this development is Page Mayor Bill Diak.

“I’m excited,” he told Lake Powell Communications. “This brings us into the 21st century.”

He’s happy for many reasons.

“I will not see Facebook posts anymore from our tourists saying, ‘The problem with Page is it’s not connected to the rest of the world.’”

But Diak says it won’t just be the tourist businesses that will be thrilled with this. He points toward the schools, the hospital, SRP, the City of Page itself, the library and many other entities.

The effort to get high speed Internet to Page began five years ago, according to the Mayor.

“At the time we were looking at a 12-million dollar cost and we knew we were never going to get there at that rate,” he remembered. “A year later those same people were sitting at six million. They dropped six million in a year. Those people are still out there, trying to sell their fiber to somebody.”

It ended up costing less than two million dollars to get the job done, with a good portion of it, according to the Mayor, being SRP money. It’s ironic that SRP and NGS will only be around for less than three years of the high speed luxury.

He tells us SCC came forward at a time when high speed Internet had to be the next step for the Page community. He sees this community up-grade as a huge benefit for everyone.

“What we had before was pretty archaic.”

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