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Page Schools to Begin August 10, Virtually

Page Schools to Begin August 10, Virtually
July 21
05:05 2020

Page Schools Set To Open “Virtually” August 10

Page Unified School District Superintendent Larry Wallen Monday night conducted an hour-long explanation online explanation on the status of the Page schools at this time.

Mr. Wallen’s entire presentation can be seen at:

In addition, the school system has also released a briefer video explaining the opening of school, as well as an explanation of a brand new “virtual” school within the Page school district called: “Sage and Sand Virtual Academy.”

 In last night’s presentation by Mr. Wallen, the overall theme seemed to be that our school leaders, despite the circumstances, are looking forward to an amazing school year! Here are some notes from the presentation. But we urge you to watch both videos provided by PUSD.

During his presentation, Mr. Wallen told us that everything school leaders are doing is guided by the governor’s executive orders. The executive orders deal with re-opening and closure options. And they are subject to change!

The Governor’s guidance evidently comes in and tells PUSD what to do.

The Page schools, and all school districts, are supposed to go 180 days. but the Governor and his people are taking another look at that. They may decide to wave some of those days.

Said Mr. Wallen, “When the executive orders come down, they are focused on student and teacher safety.”

The most recent executive order said to start school on Aug 17. That differed from the Page Schools’ plan to open August 4th.

The Page schools’ plan is to begin with remote learning before switching back to “brick & mortar,” as stated by the Superintendent.

“Everything is based on safety. Safety is our first priority.”

The Page schools will require face coverings, which will be provided. For K-2, face shields will be provided for the students and teachers.

Also, temperature screenings will be done upon entrance to the campuses.

School leaders and teachers are putting together a virtual situation that aimed at engaging the students.

Teachers will arrive on July 30th

School will begin August 10th…but it will strictly be virtual learning at the beginning.

Students will be expected to log-in to their Google classrooms and participate in instruction.

Meals will be provided for students…there will be a school site, as well as buses making deliveries of breakfast and lunch

Any student who needs them, a Chrome book and IPad will be provided.

Student progress will be recorded. There will be feedback and there will be grades!

There will also be virtual interaction with staff.

Classes will be led by Page Unified School District teachers.

Decisions concerning on-site learning will be based on information from the CDC, as well as state and local health departments. The PUSD governing board will then make decisions based on the current information.

“We will not re-open when there’s a significant challenge toward the safety of our students,” said Mr. Wallen.

Right now the plan is to begin campus learning on August 17th, but the Superintendent doesn’t believe at this time that that will be the case. It will depend on how things are with the COVID-19 virus at that time.

If you want to remain home, you will still be able to log into your classes virtually.

There will be the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities including athletics. But those plans are in the “planning” stages right now.

Sage and Sand Virtual Academy: It’s an Arizona online school program for which PUSD has applied.  But approvals for the Page Schools have not yet been received. Approval is anticipated by August 21st.

Sage and Sand (a 100% virtual experience) will be a new school for PUSD. It’ll be virtual; no building. You must have an Internet connection in order to participate; K-12.

Meals will not be provided for Sage and Sand Academy. But extracurricular activities will be available.

PUSD will provide the Chrome books and IPads.

PUSD will assist with technical issues.

Again, we urge you to view the videos from Monday July 20.

Page Schools to Begin August 10, Virtually - overview

Summary: School to Start in Page August 10, Virtually


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