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Page PD to Burn Through Evidence Backlog

Page PD to Burn Through Evidence Backlog
October 13
11:46 2016

The Page Police Department currently has an overstocked evidence room and last night they asked City Council for help in disposing the drugs, blood, sharp, and other hazardous materials awaiting

The department requested a burn barrel to enhance their ability to efficiently dispose of the evidence.

Currently, the department has 110 items of marijuana evidence, 77 items of dangerous drug evidence, 62 items of drug paraphernalia, 5 syringes, and 15 blood kits awaiting destruction.

The department will use an Elastec Drug Terminator cyclonic burn barrel that cost $3,200 in conjunction with a $20 55-gallon drum from Page Steel.

Without a burn barrel, the police department would incur additional costs of traveling to dispose of certain items outside of Page. Some Phoenix area departments are forced to destroy drugs and other evidence at a mine in the area at a cost of $500 per ton. The savings of not destroying drugs and other hazardous evidence offsite would make up for the initial expense of the burn barrel very quickly.


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