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Page Outpatient Clinic Serving Veterans

November 17
09:07 2014

Page Veterans ClinicPage Primary Care Tele-Health Outpatient Clinic has been serving Veterans in the Page area since it opened in December of 2012. Veterans can now access health care benefits in Page instead of having to travel to Prescott, Flagstaff or St. George. The benefits they earned by serving in the military can make a great deal of difference to area veterans. For example, a yearly physical exam is available to all veterans. Veterans who have service related disabilities are particularly encouraged to visit this office to save the costs and time involved in traveling to see specialists.

The Outpatient Clinic is operated by two specially trained nurses who can assist veterans and operate the high tech equipment this office uses to access the expertise of specialists located around the state or country. Tony Robertson, registered nurse, explained how the usual equipment you might see in a doctor’s office has been updated to connect to a computer and secure internet connection. The nurse places a stethoscope on your chest to listen to your heart, but this digital stethoscope is connected to the computer so that an expert at another location can listen to your heart. An EKG machine works the same way.

There are cameras specially designed to examine your ears, nose and throat while an expert looks on from another location. An enlarging camera can send highly detailed pictures of body areas you are concerned about from a knee to a spot on your skin. A general camera allows the veteran to discuss concerns with that expert while viewing each other with a picture within a picture television screen. The images can be recorded for review and record keeping. There is even a Diabetic Tele-Retinal Imaging Machine that photographs the inside of the eye to check the health of eye components that can be affected by diabetes, a major issue in this part of the state.

There are no walk-in services at the clinic for urgent care and no medication are kept on site. An appointment is needed. You can come in to the office at 801 North Navajo between Dollar General and Stromboli’s to complete necessary paperwork and set an appointment. They are open Monday through Friday 7:30 to 4 and can be contacted by phone at 928-645-4966. All veterans should check out this opportunity for health care assistance.

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