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Page HS Homecoming 2019 was a Huge Success!

Page HS Homecoming 2019 was a Huge Success!
October 30
09:58 2019


This car was beaten up during Homecoming

Homecoming 2019 was a huge success!

By: Megan Moore

Page High School Student Council Advisor


PHS Student Council hosted 9 events, most of which were attended by the community! 

In addition to the 9 big events, we had a dress-up days each day and had an average of 400 students dress up – that’s about half of our student body- we are very happy with those results!

If the students dressed up, they were released from their advisory class and got to participate in the cohort competition of the day- Tug-O-War, Dodge ball and a relay race. Seniors won the Tug-O-War tournament on Tuesday, On Wednesday, Juniors beat the freshmen and seniors beat the sophomores in a Dodge ball tournament.

The final showdown was a pep-rally on Friday and the juniors won!

Thursday was a relay race at the track- first was juggling balloons, then into a 3-legged race, then a pillow sac race, finished by a sprint with pool noodles duct taped to their feet. The freshmen came out of nowhere and beat the seniors on the home stretch! 

We had a lot of student and community involvement at Powder-puff, the bonfire, the parade and the tailgate party! We raised $400 for a Breast Cancer Awareness charity as well. 

Coach Billie and his team lost a heartbreaker in triple overtime

I have 36 student council students and they all worked tirelessly to make sure everything ran smooth. We began planning homecoming during our summer workshop in July. We start by figuring out a theme then from there we design the dress-up days and activities.

This year, the kids decided they wanted to separate the Tailgate and Bonfire (it has been one event in the past) and have the Tailgate Party before the game like a traditional tailgate party. This made for an even longer day on Friday but it was so well attended and everyone was so excited, for it made it all worth it!

The kids showed up at school at 7 am on Friday to set up for the Pep-Rally and the Field Day and we did not leave campus until about 1 am Saturday morning after cleaning up from the Dance. We had to transition and set up 6 big events that day and it all went smooth!! We go over every little detail and the kids knew exactly where to be, when, and with what supplies and they executed the day flawlessly!

We could not have done it without the community support. When we decided we wanted a bigger Field Day and Tailgate Party, the kids went out and found sponsors to help us pay for the better inflatables- Adonia Yachts and Ken’s Tours donated to this.

For the bonfire, Doug Gardner and Page Lumber donated the manpower to build the fire ring and ADOT provided the cement barricades to keep everyone safe.

3 Peaks Glass donated porta-potties.

When the kids decided they wanted to host a tailgate party and give out food, they knew they had to find sponsors for the food so they went out into the community once again and found sponsors- Page Unified provided the hot dogs, hot dog buns, condiments, Page Lumber donated all of the drinks and First Baptist Church donated hamburgers and staff. First Baptist Church usually does tailgate party before the HC game so we wanted to include them so we weren’t competing!

Lake Powell National Golf Course donated 7 golf carts for our royalty half-time show.

Al Nezy donated his time and DJed our dance. It is truly overwhelming to be supported so much by such a wonderful community! 



Page HS Homecoming 2019 was a Huge Success! - overview

Summary: Page HS Homecoming 2019 was a Huge Success!


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