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Page High Schools Hosts COVID-19 Testing

Page High Schools Hosts COVID-19 Testing
July 18
05:24 2020

Testing for COVID-19

Canyonlands Healthcare CEO Chris Hansen

For seven hours on Friday (7/17) residents of the area had a chance to be tested for the COVID-19 virus, for free, at Page High School.

Coconino County Health and Human Services, in cooperation with several other entities, including Canyonlands Healthcare, the Page schools and the Page Police Department were able to provide this service. Folks began arriving in their vehicles at 7 a.m. and taking advantage of this opportunity.

Canyonlands Healthcare CEO Chris Hansen was on site, overseeing the drive-thru operation. He mentioned his appreciation to the schools for allowing them to use the parking lot. He also pointed out that numerous nurses from Banner Page Hospital were assisting in the testing, along with personnel from Canyonlands Healthcare.

“We are all working together in order to test as many people as we can,” said Hansen on Friday.

He pointed out to Lake Powell Communication that the “virus” situation in America is something we’ve been through before.

“You know, we talk about pandemics and what kind of effect they might have, and we try to plan for them. But I think we’ve definitely learned an awful lot that we never thought of, now that we’re actually having to go through it,” he said. “For us, as we watched things develop back east, we sort of figured that eventually it was going to turn out this way in the west.”

But he said they thought it would take more time. He also said he sees the virus continuing to spread for a while.

“I think that one thing that surprised us a little was that we did think it would die out a little bit in the summer, but obviously that’s not the case,” he added. “We believe it’ll still be kind of rough in the fall still. But we are hopeful that eventually we will get a vaccine, and that will help to stop or slow the spread of this.”

In the end, Hansen told us everyone has to take this pandemic seriously.

“We are trying to keep people as healthy as possible; provide the testing, the resources and education that people need to protect themselves.”


Featured Photo: Professionals with Canyonlands Healthcare ready to help on Friday

Page High Schools Hosts COVID-19 Testing - overview

Summary: Page High Schools Hosts COVID-19 Testing


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