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Page Council Discusses Parking at Block-17

Page Council Discusses Parking at Block-17
August 10
04:46 2017

Block 17 Parking Lot Discussed by City Council

The private use of public parking was the topic of discussion for quite a while at Wednesday night’s Page City Council meeting. The public, including people with business interests spoke-up, as did other members of the public, City Attorney Joshua Smith, as well as the city’s Community Development Director, Kim Johnson.

At issue was one business being told it could not display their wares, ads and equipment on city property. But the business, Lake Powell Vacations, politely shot back recently that there are businesses with commercial vehicles constantly parking on city property.

Among the comments made from the gallery were;

“You have to be fair with everyone; be fair.”

“This is typical Page; not fair to one business.”

Attorney Smith said there were two basic options in order to clear the matter up:

1) Negotiate with individual businesses.

2) Legislate; impose regulations.

Smith was asked by council if the city would be liable should someone get hurt on city property tripping over a merchant’s display. His response was, “It depends.”

His response drew laughter, as he knew it would.

In the end, a motion to allow businesses to place their merchandise on their own property would be fine, as long as it meets zoning regulations. But to place their signage, wares or merchandise on city property, a permit or lease will be required.

The motion passed 5-1, with Counselor Tappan offering a “Nay.”

When the motion was seconded, Mayor Bill Diak needed to ask if there was to be any more discussion prior to a vote. As he asked this, he put his hands together in prayer-like manner and looked to the heavens with the hope that the discussion was over. It was.

The topic is sure to come up again; and likely sooner rather than later.

There was also a work session Wednesday concerning the city’s draft zoning ordinance update review. It’s an issue that is lengthy and it will take time to review. Community Development Director Kim Johnson said, “This is a big project.”

She added that they first had to decide how to go forward with the myriad of items on the zoning ordinance update.

It was decided that the discussion of the project will take place during three 90-minute work sessions beginning in September.

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