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Page City Council Wraps Up Another Meeting

Page City Council Wraps Up Another Meeting
May 28
13:48 2015

Page City Council had their regular meeting last night, during which they discussed liquor licenses for businesses here in Page, a Memorandum of Agreement between the City of Page and John Wesley Powell Museum, and even appointed another member to the Page Utilities Enterprises (PUE) Board.

The meeting started off a little late with the previous work session lasting a few minutes past 6:30 PM.

The first item on the agenda was a public hCity Council 5 28 15 small picearing for the acquisition of a liquor license for Safeway Inc.  The public hearing allowed people from the audience to speak to the effect of the matter and voice their opinions or concerns.

Nobody spoke against or for the liquor license and council moved onto the next item on their agenda, which was another public hearing for a second liquor license.  This time the license was pertaining to Great Wall Chinese Cuisine.

Again nobody approached the podium to speak on the matter and Council moved on to discuss a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the city of Page and John Wesley Powell Museum.

Speaking on the museum’s behalf was Billie Wright, the new Director of the museum.  Not much information was made clear to council as Wright explained that she was new to the work environment, but provided what information she could.

At one point in the meeting, City Manager Crystal Prentice and Wright seemed to have butted heads over what Prentice had not been told.  Prentice claimed some information had not been brought to her attention and Wright promptly apologized citing that she had just recently found out about it herself and believed it was too late to bring it to Prentice’s attention.

According to Wright, the Museum had 1,000 visitors between May 1st and May 9th.  That averages out to about 100 people per day.

The thing to take away from this Wright said is, “If you remember from the NAU visitor study, this is working.”

Following the lengthy discussion, Councilor Michael Bryan made a motion to table the matter for a later date but quickly rescinded it after more discussion.  He then motioned to direct staff to clarify the terms of the agreement and come back to council at a later date.

Council then moved back to a discussion about the Liquor License for Safeway and Great Wall Chinese Cuisine.

There was very little discussion and due to nobody speaking on the matter, Council quickly approved the liquor licenses for both businesses.

An inter-fund transfer of Highway User Revenue Funds was approved following the brisk decision to award the licenses.

City Council members then  moved on to appointing another member to the Page Utilities Enterprises Board.

The two applicants were Lyle Dimbatt and Jeff Jones.

Jones had previously been the Vice President of the Board and Dimbatt had been Mayor of Page in the past.

Mayor Bill Diak motioned that both applicants could approach the podium to give a brief speech about their choice.  Both Jones and Dimbatt gave a speech about what they had previously done for Page and why they wanted to be on the board.

The air around the Dias was thick with tension as Mayor Diak claimed, “This was one of the hardest decisions we have ever had to make,” and then called for a silent ballot to be taken and tallied up.  He then announced that Jeff Jones was chosen as the new board member.

City Council then adjourned. They will reconvene on June 10th at 6:30 PM.

After the meeting Councilor Michael Bryan shared his positive thoughts on the selection of the new board member saying, “It was good to get such two great applicants, that doesn’t happen often.”  He was torn between Jones and Dimbatt, as were many if not all of the council members.

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