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Page City Council Meeting

Page City Council Meeting
February 16
06:14 2015

Meeting-room-clip-artPage City Council convened last Wednesday (February 11th) to discuss and take action on a multitude of ordinances, as well as a lease agreement.

Council began their regular meeting with the interest of protecting citizens from what they refer to as “aggressive solicitation,” by enforcing it.  The ordinance was passed unanimously, with little discussion, and encouraged citizens to call the police if they feel they were a victim of aggressive solicitation.

The next order of business was on the airport’s behalf.  As it stands, the Page Airport doesn’t offer much room for planes to maneuver and taxi.

The proposal that was made to curb this problem would allow the city to put a design together for a taxiway.  The action taken on the proposal allows for only a design to be drawn up, and no production at this time.

Mayor Diak was quick to give his input on the situation, stating, “It’s crucial to get planes moved as quickly as possible.”

The proposal was then put to a vote and approved by Council to take action on the matter, and begin the design of the new taxiway.

After the brief discussion of the airport, Council moved onto a lease agreement between the Heritage Foundation and the city of Page.

The agreement which pertains to the lease of the village next to Pow Wow Trading Post storage building was set to expire on March 17th of this year.

City Council expressed how discontent they were with the tourism aspect that had seemingly not been put forward at the village.  According to the tone of the City Councilors, the land was being wasted.

Mayor Diak called upon a representative of the Heritage Foundation from the audience, Olin Cummings, to defend his position and explain his reasoning for wanting to renew the lease agreement.

Councilor Dennis Warner wasn’t bashful about letting Cummings know his opinion on the matter when he stated, “If we renew a lease that’s not being used, I don’t see how we’re going to get anywhere.”

Cummings however expressed his concern on Councilor Warner’s statement, saying it was incorrect to say that it’s not being used.

Councilor Levi Tappan then gave his opinion on the matter by suggesting making a one-year extension to the lease agreement.  Councilor Warner was apprehensive about it, calling for a more detailed month-to-month plan.

Additionally Councilor Scott Sadler expressed his dissatisfaction with those ideas, stating “We should hold them to the same requirements as anyone else.”

Though Council was divided on the matter at the beginning, they eventually agreed on, and passed a new lease agreement for the village that will expire December 31st 2015.  This will give the Heritage Foundation time to work with the Tourism Board to draft a plan to bring back to Council.

The objective is to showcase the Navajo culture, heritage, and lifestyle from the aspect of tourism.

Following the discussion on the lease agreement, Mayor Diak gave a State Legislative Update.

According to him, the city will lose money if bill HB-2254 passes.

The bill, in question, would create exemption from lease and rental taxes if passed.

Mayor Diak called upon Council to take action by speaking on the bill and letting their voices be heard by the government.

After the brief discussion of the State Legislative Update, Council moved on to more positive news with the 2nd Quarter Financial Report.

According to Councilor Dennis Warner, “revenue is exceeding the budget, so it looks good.”

If the city continues to earn and spend at this ratio, the city will save $800,000 in interest payments and the full debt could be paid off in a matter of years.

After the positive outlook on the city budget was discussed, Council moved on to take action for the Page Parks and Recreation Board.

5 board members were appointed at the time.  Aimee D’Avignon, Brian Carey, Mandi Lotze, Susan Pilkington, and Angie Crim were all appointed to the board.

Both D’Avignon and Brian Carey will serve until their term ends in 2017, and Lotze, Pilkington, and Crim will all serve until theirs ends in 2018.

City Council then ended the meeting by going into executive session to discuss an employment agreement for City Attorney, Joseph D. Estes.

City Council will convene again on February 25th at 6:30 P.M.

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