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In our area, there is a high demand for good quality trucks and SUVs because of our high desert lifestyle. Good thing we’ve got Page Car Sales! Honesty, integrity, and value is the motto of Page Car Sales. They’ve been a staple of our community since 2008, providing quality used reconditioned trucks, SUVs, RVs, and cars to Page and the surrounding Lake Powell area. Page Car Sales aims to make it easy to buy reconditioned vehicles without having to go through an extensive credit check!

Located on the Corner of Coppermine Rd and S. Lake Powell Blvd.

Located on the Corner of Coppermine Rd and S. Lake Powell Blvd.

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PO Box 7012
804 Aqua Ave
Page, AZ 86040

Mon-Fri 8:30am – 5pm
Saturday 1 – 5pm



Page Car Sales offers fantastic in-house financing. If you have a down payment and steady income, you probably already qualify to buy a vehicle! With a small deposit, they will even hold your chosen vehicle for up to thirty days to give you time to accumulate your down payment. They also use outside lenders that finance vehicles over six thousand dollars – which means that they have plenty of options when it comes to paying for your next vehicle.


Getting you the best:

928-645-2830 Located on Haul Rd.

928-645-2830 Located on Haul Rd.

Not only is Page Car Sales a fantastic resource for buying reconditioned vehicles, but they also now own and manage PCS Automotive located at 428 Haul Road! That means that Page Car Sales will be an important resource throughout the life of your vehicle – from the time you purchase it, to future work at PCS Automotive!

When you need affordable options, good prices, and the ability to buy a vehicle, Page Car Sales is the place to go.






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