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Page: An Arizona Trail Gateway Community

Page: An Arizona Trail Gateway Community
March 14
15:01 2016

At the Arizona Trail Day Celebration, hosted by Into the Grand on Saturday (3/12), Page received three new street signs cementing the city’s connection with the trail.

Dufault and Mayor Diak

Dufault and Mayor Diak

Even though the weather was overcast, the mood was sunny as hiking enthusiasts gathered to peruse vendors and learn more about the Arizona Trail, an 800-mile trail that connects Utah to Mexico. Sirena Dufault said because of its location Page serves a special purpose to the trail,

“People will often start their journey here on their way south to Mexico or come here for their big finale when they hike the entire trail from Mexico to Utah. Even though, if you look at a map, Page doesn’t look like it’s very close to the trail, it’s a very, very important gateway community. Mainly because, what are you going to do at the Stateline trail head?”

About a year and a half ago Dufault came to Page’s City Council with information about the Arizona Trail Gateway Community Program. The program, which is only available to 33 towns across the state, designates communities where hikers can refuel, resupply, and freshen up before getting back on the trail. Not only is Page one of the 33 Gateway Communities, but Dufault also presented Mayor Bill Diak with Gateway Community street signs on Saturday to be placed on the entrances into town. Only three other communities have such signs.

The signs will be hung below the “City of Page” street signs and signify that Page is an Arizona Trail Gateway Community. Hopefully the signs will also pull intrigued passersby off the highway and spark interest in the Arizona Trail.

“It’s no small feat.” Mayor Bill Diak said of the signs, “It’s not just a sign, there’s a process. It’s called government. It’s taken us a year to get permission from the state of Arizona to put these signs up on their highway.” The mayor then added, “And five engineers,” jokingly.

“This day is important, not only to Page, but hopefully it brings more awareness to the Arizona Trail, at least this end of it…and lets people know northern Arizona doesn’t end at Flagstaff!” Mayor Diak concluded.

To learn more about the Arizona Trail, you can visit

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