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Open Once Again!

Open Once Again!
July 13
08:04 2021

O P E N !

Dixie Ellis at the opening

July 12, 2021, is a date that will not soon be forgotten. It was the day that opened the Navajo Nation-related tourist destinations that had been closed for more than 400-days.

At the re-opening celebration at Lower Antelope Canyon Effie Yazzie took the mic at the opening of the canyon and expressed nothing but joy. And, when she received only a lukewarm response to her, “Good Morning,” she said it again and the crowd went wild.

“This is a great day for us, a very joyful day, one that we’ve been anticipating for a long time,” said Yazzie, who is the Manager of the Lake Powell Navajo Travel Park.

She asked how long they’ve been shut down, and the answer came back; “485-days!”

She went on to remind everyone of the safety precautions still in place, including the wearing masks.

Mr. Paul Begay was among the dignitaries on hand Monday morning. As a member of the Navajo Nation Council, representing much of this portion of the Navajo nation, Mr. Begay was one of those at the forefront in pushing President Jonathan Nez to re-open the Nation and to re-open the tourist destinations. And at fifty percent, that is what President Nez ordered last week.

Mr. Begay began by saying, “This is a beautiful day. This is a great day.”

While he was instrumental in getting the ball rolling toward re-opening, he gave most of the credit to another group.

“I truly believe that most of the work was done by the owners, the employees, who were very vigilant in trying to get places like this re-opened,” he said.   “There’s a quote that people use, ‘talk the talk and walk the walk.’ The owners of these parks actually did both. A lot of people will just talk about it, but we actually went to Window Rock and we walked the walk.”

He believes it is not coincidence that soon after they walked in Window Rock that President Nez signed the document that changed everything on the Navajo nation, in Page/Lechee and in all of Northern Arizona.

Ken Young, from Ken’s Tours, performed a Navajo religious ritual at a small fire that had been started. Many in the group then went to the fire themselves bringing some of that smoke toward them.

Following a short speech by Dixie Ellis herself, Judy Franz, the Executive Director of the Page/lake Powell Chamber of Commerce, along with Page Mayor Bill Diak, helped Navajo leaders cut the ribbon at the entrance the Lower Antelope Canyon.”

It led to a beautiful day for all of the destinations, and people were showing up at their favorite destinations; places that had missed for 485-days.

Featured Photo:

Dixie Ellis with the big scissors, ready to open up!

Open Once Again! - overview

Summary: Navajo Nation-related tourist destinations open once again


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