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Noel Will Not Be Charged for Choking Incident

Noel Will Not Be Charged for Choking Incident
October 05
14:47 2016

After a two-year investigation, the FBI has closed the book on charges against Beaver County Sheriff Cameron Noel, the son of state representative Mike Noel of Kanab.

Cameron Noel

Cameron Noel

Two deputies had accused Noel of choking a witness in a criminal case. In 2014, Dorthy Searcy stabbed and killed her husband in a Beaver motel room. Her son, Timothy Wilson, was not there when the crime occurred, but deputies handcuffed him while they processed the scene. The alleged choking occurred when Noel placed Wilson in his patrol car. Noel said Wilson tried to head-butt him and bit him on the arm.

An independent investigation determined that Noel put both of his hands on Wilson’s neck and pushed him back into the seat. A criminal investigation of Noel passed through the Millard County Attorney’s Office, the Utah Attorney General’s Office, and the Davis County Attorney’s Office before the FBI took over.

Sandra Barker, a spokeswoman for the FBI in Salt Lake City, said last week that the investigation of Cameron Noel has been closed with no charges filed.

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