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Nobody is Invincible!

Nobody is Invincible!
July 11
09:48 2019

Kayaking Lake PowellThe Utah Division of Parks and Recreation has released a new PSA to help educate boaters and their guests about the dangers present when venturing out onto the water

Utah has already experienced six boating-related fatalities so far this year. That number is two-thirds last year’s total, and that large of a number so soon into the boating season is concerning.

Regardless of the weather conditions or boat size, the truth is that 80% of Utah’s boating-related fatalities involved people not wearing life jackets!!!

While the law may only require boaters to have a life jacket available, having one properly fastened during activities can make a world of difference should something happen.

The goal of the #NobodyisInvincible campaign is to raise awareness about the importance of wearing a life jacket at all times.

When thinking of the scene of a boating accident, the image brought to mind is often one of the dark skies, big boats, and high waves. This is not the case. The majority of boating fatalities take place on smaller sized boats under 21 feet, with light wind, and on waves smaller than two feet. Quite the contrary to what boaters often consider hazardous. Disaster can strike when you least expect it.

Be ready and be prepared.

Remember, nobody is invincible!








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