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No to Point-Zero-Five

No to Point-Zero-Five
March 20
11:24 2017

There are some industries in Utah that would like to see Governor Gary Herbert veto the proposed new lower standard for drunk driving that was approved recently in Salt Lake City.

The Utah State House, followed by the State Senate, voted to lower the maximum amount of alcohol allowed in the bloodstream of a driver from point-zero-eight to point-zero-five. This would make it the lowest in the entire country!

Currently the new law is sitting on the desk of the governor awaiting his signature. If signed, the law wouldn’t go into effect until late next year.

The restaurant and ski industries are taking exception to the proposed new law. And they are asking Governor Herbert, for the sake of their industries, to say NO to the legislation and to use his power of veto.

Their contention is that the lower limit would severely hurt their businesses, and would also punish responsible drinkers and motorists. A ski industry spokesman calls it a step backward.

Reports indicate the governor has shown support for the new lower limit. But indications are that he is getting the attention of those who oppose it.

Herbert has until March 29th to make his decision.

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