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No Easy Task

No Easy Task
September 14
05:05 2017

Putting together updates for the city of Page zoning code is complicated and it involves several hundred pages of material for council members to digest.

In a work session prior to Wednesday night’s (9/13) Page City Council meeting, council continued their discussion with Community Development Director Kim Johnson about the zoning code.

A variety of topics were discussed, including possible rules for RV parks and campgrounds, as well as RV parking in residential areas.

Talk also centered on differentiating between storage and parking on private property. The conversation also got into the intricacies of where, on private property, a boat or RV can be kept, and what constitutes storage as opposed to parking a boat or RV.

It gets even more intricate; if you can park or store a boat or RV on your side yard, where does the side yard begin and the front yard end? That thought came from a statement that side yards should be for storage; not one’s driveway.

But then what about properties in Page that holds a modular home and there is no side yard? It’s complicated, and most of the zoning code issues haven’t even been discussed yet.

In the end, more work sessions are needed before the city turns to a consultant on this complicated effort to revise the zoning code. The next work session will be prior to the next city council meeting on September 27th.

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