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No Current Complaints Against Navajo Council Members….Or is There?

No Current Complaints Against Navajo Council Members….Or is There?
December 10
15:25 2019

Charles – Newton

By John Christian Hopkins

While Washington, D.C., is mired in political shenanigans, the Navajo Nation Council is basking in the sunshine.

With a chance of clouds ahead, maybe?

There are currently no formal complaints against any member of the 24th Navajo Nation Council, according to the tribe’s Ethics and Rules Office.

“There is not one single complaint filed against a standing member of the Navajo Nation Council, contrary to exaggerated news coverage,” Navajo Nation Speaker Seth Damon said.

Or is there one?

In its December 5 edition The Navajo Times had referenced a complaint against Delegate Eugenia Charles-Newton.

“All matters within this office are confidential and will remain so until a complaint is filed,” said Ethics and Rules Acting Director Rodriquez Morris. “Should any complaints be filed by this office then it becomes public record and thus may be disclosed after the Respondent has been served a copy of the said complaint.”

If any person working in the ethics leaked confidential information to the media, that person would be subject to disciplinary action, Morris added.

“I affirm that no staff member from this office met with or spoke with anyone from the Navajo Times,” Morris said.

He added that if a complaining party released information to the press or public with the intention of embarrassing or harassing a public official, they would jeopardize their case and face criminal charges.

Moreover, if a party filed an intake without proper cause with malice or improper purpose, they would face criminal charges per the Ethics in Government Law, a misdemeanor punishable by a $500 fine and imprisonment for not more than 180 days, Morris said.

The Navajo Times reported last week that the Navajo Division of Public Safety had filed a complaint against Charles-Newton for conflict of interest, being discourteous to tribal employees and disclosure or use of confidential information.

According to the complaint, cited in the Times article, Charles-Newton has demanded confidential salary records for DPS staff and threatened audits of the department.

Charles-Newton chairs the council’s Law & Order Committee, which oversees the Department of Public Safety.

Former L&O chair. and four-time delegate Edmund Yazzie, also recently filed a complaint against Charles-Newton, the newspaper reported.

No Current Complaints Against Navajo Council Members….Or is There? - overview

Summary: No Current Complaints Against Navajo Council Members....Or is There?


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