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NGS: Yes, No, Maybe?

NGS: Yes, No, Maybe?
February 13
10:55 2017

While perhaps good for electric customers and the environment, would the closing of the Navajo Generating System be callous, showing a disregard for the NGS employees and the communities around it? That was the opinion put forward in an editorial in Sunday’s Arizona Daily Sun.

Forbes Magazine has stepped forward with their thoughts on the possible closure. In a recent article they said the loss of the Navajo Generating Station would mean economic catastrophe for the Navajo Nation and the Hopi Tribe.

Andy Tobin with the Arizona Corporation Commission says it goes further than that. He told lake Powell Communications the entire state’s economy will be thrown for a loop if NGS is shutdown.

Monday (2/13) was the day a vote was to be taken in Phoenix on whether the plant would close, stay open for a short while or keep operating for the foreseeable future. The vote was to be taken by the Salt River Project and the rest of the facility’s owners.

Money is the issue! NGS is a coal-generated electric plant. But natural gas prices are much lower than coal right now. Therefore, the plant’s owners, with dollar signs in their eyes, are imagining more money in their future if they close NGS and go with natural gas elsewhere.

That’s another issue. If the Navajo plant is closed then it won’t need coal anymore. NGS uses coal from the Kayenta plant of Peabody Energy. With the need for coal gone, so too will the jobs for the people at the Kayenta plant.

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