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NGS: The Iconic Stacks are Coming Down (By Shayne Jones)

NGS: The Iconic Stacks are Coming Down (By Shayne Jones)
December 17
14:55 2020

The NGS Stacks Are Coming Down

By Shayne Jones

Shayne Jones

Here we are, a little over a year has past since Navajo Generating Station went silent. Whew! What a year it has been! Who knew shutting down a powerplant would wreak such havoc around the world! In all seriousness, it has been a hell of a year. I hope this holiday season finds all of you, those dedicated employees of SRP who made The Three Sisters of Industrial Might so strong, doing well in spite of the pandemic. I hope those of you who retired are enjoying the fruits of your labor. I hope those who continued with SRP have found their niche and are doing well. Then there are those who ventured out on their own leaving behind the security provided by SRP. I truly hope all of you have found what you want to do and are able to do it in spite of an upside-down world.

In the past year significant changes have already taken place on the plant site. The catenary which provided the energy for the train is gone. The absorbers, scrubber pumphouse, limestone prep, coal conveyors, SSR yards, GSU’s and the old stacks to mention a few things are gone. I am sure much more is gone as well, Heavy Equipment, Coal Control, Unloading Train, Sample Building, Ash Unloading could all be gone. It is amazing to me that it was just 396 days ago, on November 16, 2019 @ 1:09 PM when all of these systems ceased to provide value thus being silenced forever.

So now, here we are, on 12/18/2020 the horizon around Page, Arizona is going to change. The iconic stacks, the symbols of strength that everyone connected to NGS will be gone. No more will we come over the horizon from the North or South via 89, or down the hill via N21, or 98, or be out in Padre Bay, or fly in from distant locations and be able to see these icons standing tall. For those of us that worked at the plant the stacks and the associated water plumes were a sense of pride, a means of communication. Employees would watch, if they saw no plume they would call to see if any help was needed. Or they may have loaded up the truck and headed out of town depending on mood, but regardless, the stacks have been very symbolic to all of us who have had the pleasure of living in this part of the Grand Circle!

As I write this, I am uncertain whether or not I will watch this iconic event. I am torn, a part of me wants so much to see the stacks of The Three Sisters standing there, proudly on the horizon, one last time. I want to be there when they are no more. I want to witness that part of history. Another part of me wants to remember them as they were, plumes flowing out of all three, aircraft warning beacons flashing, generators purring inside, turbines spinning, steam flowing, fires glowing in the boilers, coal belts full of coal, trains and equipment working, operators scurrying around, or not, the hustle and bustle that was the very heart and soul of The Three Sisters. So if I see you I will wave and most definitely say hi!

I am sure many of you will be gathered to watch this momentous occasion. I certainly hope that if you do you take all the necessary precautions to help prevent a significant spread of this virus that has affected us all so greatly this year.

NGS: The Iconic Stacks are Coming Down (By Shayne Jones) - overview

Summary: NGS: The Iconic Stacks are Coming Down (By Shayne Jones)


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