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New Utah Laws Kick in July 1

New Utah Laws Kick in July 1
March 20
09:31 2019
The Utah Legislature has closed out a very busy 2019 session.  A record 573 bills were passed.
Abortions will be banned after 18 weeks.  The current cut-off is 22 weeks.
The age to buy tobacco was raised to 21 from 19 unless the purchaser is a member of the military.
The permissible level of alcohol in beer was raised to four percent from 3.2 percent.
Women leaving polygamous families will be able to draw $3,500 from the crime victims fund.
A bill to ban LGBTQ conversion therapy failed.
Girls 15 years old and younger cannot marry, and 16 and 17-year-olds must have both parental and judicial approval.
The Gila monster was named the state’s reptile.
Bills become law on July 1.

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