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New Report Examines AZ Food Safety

New Report Examines AZ Food Safety
January 29
07:08 2019

Federal government getting back to the day to day business of protecting Americans now the shutdown has temporarily ended, but if you still have concerns about the safety of our food supply you’re not alone. The Arizona Public Interest Research Group Education Fund’s new report this month about the U.S. food supply shows the number of recalls for tainted food has increased significantly between 2013 and 2018, with recalls for meat and poultry up more than 80 percent.

Aaron Kane with Arizona PIRG tells Lake Powell Life News that while there have been improvements in the science and technology of inspections, there are still fundamental flaws in the food safety system: (click audio below)

Two recent high-profile food recalls involved products from Arizona, including an E. coli outbreak in romaine lettuce grown near Yuma, and a salmonella outbreak in ground beef processed near Phoenix. Kane says the study identifies problems that are still in the current system: (click audio below)

The AZ PIRG report makes a number of recommendations, including better inspection and monitoring at the source, improved tracking and packaging to make it easier to trace food, and improvements to the recall system to find and remove contaminated foods. Read the full report here.


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