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New Navajo Cops on Patrol

New Navajo Cops on Patrol
November 04
16:08 2019

New Cops on Patrol

By John Christian Hopkins

You should always obey the law on the Navajo Nation. But, if you needed 19 more reasons to do so – you’ve got them.

The Navajo Nation Police Training Academy gave the reservation 19 new police officers during graduation ceremonies on November 1.

“We congratulate and commend the Navajo Nation Division of Public Safety and the Navajo Police Department for supporting and preparing the new officers,” Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez said. “Serving in the line of duty will be a physical, emotional, and mental challenge for the new officers and their loved ones.”

The new officers passed the 24-week police academy training, which was overseen by the Navajo Police Department.

The Navajo Police Academy, located in Chinle, has prepared three classes of recruits within two years for careers in law enforcement under an environment that upholds respect, self-discipline, accountability, academic achievement, integrity and professionalism.

The academy also integrates Diné Fundamental Law, as well as state and federal laws, into the training curriculum.

“Our new officers are entering into a new world of challenges and opportunities,” Nez said. “I challenge everyone to pray for our officers and first responders. They witness incidents that some of us cannot bear to see. They will need our endless support.”

The 19 police officer recruits took the oath of honor administered by Chinle District Court Judge Rudy Bedonie, while their loved ones participated in the pinning of the Navajo Police Department badge.

They will start their duty as Navajo police officers within their designated districts immediately.

The 19 Navajo Nation recruits include:

• Dustin Abeita – Crownpoint District

• Amber-Lynn Begay – Crownpoint District

• Brianna-Lynn Begay – Crownpoint District

• Nehemiah Begay – Chinle District

• Vince Benallie – Tuba City District

• Mylon Calamity – Dilkon District

• Lance Chischilly – Chinle District

• Matthew Carr – Crownpoint District

• Jerrick Cly – Kayenta District

• Kendrick Cody – Chinle District

• Derek Drake – Shiprock District

• Carmen Francisco – Window Rock District

• Bernita Gillis – Kayenta District

• Wyatt Joe – Window Rock District

• Benson Perry, Jr. Crownpoint District

• Chad Tachine – Kayenta District

• Chad Yazzie – Window Rock District

• Johnathan Yazzie – Chinle District

Also, in attendance was Navajo Chief of Police Phillip Francisco, Deputy Chief of Police Daryl Noon, Council Delegate Edmund Yazzie, Council Delegate Nathaniel Brown, Apache County Sheriff Joseph Dedman, Jr., Utah State Troopers, Arizona Department of Public Safety, New Mexico State Troopers, and others.

New Navajo Cops on Patrol - overview

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