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New Mexico Principal Fired After Racist Rant Appears Online

New Mexico Principal Fired After Racist Rant Appears Online
March 24
14:20 2016

Crownpoint High School Principal Dr. J.D. Reed is out of a job after a recording surfaced of him making derogatory statements about Navajo members on the school board, racist comments regarding the Ramah community and disparaging remarks on Navajo culture.

Superintendent Frank Chiapetti told the school board March 21 of his decision to fire Reed. The position paid $82,000 per year.

Associate Superintendent Mike Hyatt indicated that steps were being taken to discharge Reed.

“He is not going to come back into a (Gallup-McKinley County School District) school,” Hyatt said.

On the tape Reed appears to be talking with two people. He complains that at least two Navajo members of the school board have “alternative lifestyles” and it’s a “big issue.”

“You can’t have gay Navajos walking around and doing that kind of (crap),” Reed says on the tape.

The recording was uploaded on SoundCloud had drew more than 3,500 views over the weekend.

“There really wasn’t much investigating to do, we just had to listen to the recording,” Chiapetti said.

In the recording Reed suggests that he is “the wrong color” to get any respect from the Navajo community. If you’re not white, tribal members think you have an anti-Navajo agenda, Reed suggests.

Reed also laughed about being offered the principal position at Ramah High School. He said he rejected it because he didn’t want to deal with Mormons and the living conditions were deplorable.
“I didn’t want to deal with the Inbred Jeds down there that are all related to one another,” Reed said.

Reed also referred to Ramah as “a (crap)hole.”

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