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New Lawsuit Against Several FLDS Polygamists

New Lawsuit Against Several FLDS Polygamists
December 28
13:15 2017

Old family portrait of FLDS leader Warren Jeffs with six of his wives.

Salt Lake City – New developments in the case against incarcerated FLDS leader Warren Jeffs – a new lawsuit filed yesterday in 3rd District Court  by a 21 year old woman only going by the initials R.H to protect her identity, has accused Jeffs and others in the FLDS community of repeatedly abducting her and other girls between the ages of 8 and 14 for ritualistic sexual abuse in the middle of the night that was witnessed by other members in unknown locations. The suit accuses Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints President Warren Jeffs, along with other leaders of the church and its former land trust, of carrying out a “calculated plan” to sexually abuse underage girls as part of a religious ritual.

The new allegations of abuse against Warren Jeffs also specifically name his brothers Lyle Jeffs and Seth Jeffs; and former FLDS leader Wendell Nielsen of sex abuse. It also goes after the FLDS Church and the court-controlled real-estate holdings arm, the United Effort Plan Trust. The accuser, in a statement released yesterday through her attorneys said, “I have filed this lawsuit in order to hold certain parties accountable for the religious-based systemic sexual abuse of young children. Even though Warren Jeffs is in prison, it is my belief and personal experience that these abuses continue.”

At this point neither the church or the accused have responded to the lawsuit. The woman has asked for physical and emotional damages and requested a jury trial. Her attorneys also represented Elissa Wall, in her lawsuit against Warren Jeffs in 2005 after being forced to get married at the age of 14. As proof of the abuse, the woman’s attorneys say they have recovered evidence from the FLDS Church’s temple in Eldorado, Texas on the compound where Warren Jeffs was living before his arrest and conviction for sexually assaulting two girls.


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