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New Fire Means New Smoke for Page & Lechee

New Fire Means New Smoke for Page & Lechee
July 29
19:01 2020

The Smoke Has Returned to Page & Lechee

UPDATE 4 p.m. Thursday 7/31

Here’s what we know right now about the Pine Hollow Fire that began yesterday due to a lightning strike, and began showering Page and Lechee with smoke and smell.

The Stateline Campground is in the vicinity of the fire on House Rock Valley Road and has been evacuated.

The fire; twenty miles east of Kanab, is moving north and south and is close to three thousand acres in size.

While no structures are in danger, BLM officials are concerned about California Condors and permitted livestock.

The fire location is under the command of the BLM Arizona Strip and Paria River Districts. 

Fire managers are asking motorists avoid House Rock Valley Road (BLM 1065) between Highway 89 and Highway 89-A. Numerous fire personnel and fire trucks are on scene and three helicopters are in use.

No injuries have been reported.

UPDATE: Jul 30 5:50 a.m.

The Bureau of Land Management is fighting what is called the Pine Hollow Fire that erupted yesterday. That’s where the smoke was coming from last night, and will likely return today in the Page/Lechee area.

This fire is very near House Rock Valley Road, just south of the Utah/Arizona State line, actually just northwest of The Wave in Arizona. At last report, Wednesday night, it was a 100-acre fire caused naturally and there were no structures in jeopardy.

(Wednesday evening) There were several fire companies on scene. As we get further information, we will share that information with you.

There’s a new fire spreading smoke toward Page and Lechee, just like a month and a half ago.

So far, as far as we know, it remains unnamed.

The fire started Wednesday afternoon and it appears to be on Bureau of Land Management property, south of the Arizona-Utah border. Our best guess from the limited information we have is that the fire, which is growing, is somewhere between Kanab and Big Water.

We are awaiting official word from the BLM, but may not hear from them until Thursday morning.

New Fire Means New Smoke for Page & Lechee - overview

Summary: The Smoke Has Returned to Page & Lechee


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